Download Corvus OS vS4.0 Android 12L for Realme 5 Pro (Leviathan)


Corvus OS is based on AOSP, with all the useful features required. Our objective is stability while being feature-rich at the same time. We won’t believe that Corvus is better custom ROM than others, but we will always try to give you the best.

Information of Corvus OS vS4.0

Android Version : 12L

Status : Stable

Build Date: 17-08-2022

Devices : Realme 5 Pro (Leviathan)

Corvus OS vS4.0 Android 12L


  • Fixed green tint issue on video playback in apps like Instagram
  • Fixed Game restarting on switching apps
  • Fixed issue with Google voice recorder
  • Updated Gcam Go to 3.6.455 (More features now)
  • Disabled Ultra Low Latency Playback (Fixes Cracking Sound in apps like Whatsapp, games)
  • Disabled iorapd (for better ram management and speed)
  • Added secondary interface for wlan
  • Disabled Qcom system deamon (for performance improvement)
  • Used speed tuning for performance critical applications
  • Some improvements to wifi (added support for dual wifi, implementation of smart selection of 2/5GHz)
  • Switched to SkiaGL threaded
  • Upstreamed Kharame kernel to latest 4.9.325
  • Set GPU idle timeout to 64 ms
  • Nuked certain useless kernel flags
  • Nuked unnecessary/unused QTI logkit directories
  • Picked usb configurations from qcom
  • Disabled wifi BSS Flush (removes delay)
  • Enabled usb fast charge (Force FastCharge upto 900 mA)
  • Fixed screen tearing issue on scroll (Scrolling should be smoother now)
  • Enabled QCRIL radio power saving
  • Miscellaneous changes to make rom smoother and improve performance


Maintainer: KSSRAO

Download Corvus OS vS4.0 Android 12L for Realme 5 Pro (Leviathan)

Download : Link

How to install Corvus OS vS4.0 Android 12L for Realme 5 Pro (Leviathan)

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything except internal storage and SD card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom
  • If u want to stay encrypted when flash, Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.