Download Corvus OS vS3.0 | Official | Android 12L For Realme XT(Revenant)

Corvus OS vS3.0 is any other retarded ROM with many retarded Customization. First, it is stimulated via way of means of Dirty Unicorns (way to Alex Cruz), however then we picked many different features too. Our goals are a strong and feature ROM that may be loved via way of means of many devices. We might not say that Corvus is higher Custom ROM than others, however we continually try and provide you with the best.

Imformation of Corvus OS vS3.0 | Official | Android 12L

Android Version : 12L

Status : Stable

Build Date: 27-05-2022

Corvus OS vS3.0 | Official | Android 12L


Thanks to @dhruvesh_23 for testing builds

Changelogs ROM:

  • Merged May 2022 Security Patch – android-12.1.0_r5
  • Revamped new M3 designed Wallpaper app (RavenWalls)*
  • Revamped new M3 designed Corvus support app + OTA (RavenDesk)*
  • Added new GameSpace from chaldeaprjkt*
  • Added system wide App Lock
  • Added Face Unlock
  • Fixup in PixelProps
  • Added Touch Gestures
  • Gamespace: Added toggle to disable gestures


  • Changed search bar style
  • Fixed App icons getting cropped below search bar
  • Add toggle to set a translucent background to app dock in homescreen
  • Removed extra bottom space in app dock
  • Include toggle for enabling taskbar
  • Include toggle for enabling grid style recents
  • Implement ability to hide apps and open them without having to unhide again
  • Add bottomsheet app info style
  • Add support for custom icon pack and per-app icon pack
  • Redesign available RAM view
  • Import more themed icons
  • Re-organized custom settings
  • Add toggle to enable recent apps scrolling haptic feedback (applicable to devices with new haptic motors)
  • Follow system fonts through out the launcher settings


  • Added Pavlova UI icon pack
  • Added ability to take white luminance to 0. This created pitch black theme with linear lightness enabled


  • Redesigned corvus version bottom sheet panel
  • Revamped category style
  • Improvements to collapsing toolbar


  • Added System wide blur support if blur is enabled
  • Increased blur radius to provide a better system blur effect
  • Disable wallpaper zoom effect
  • Ignore screen decorations in screenshot (screen radius does not appear in screenshots)
  • Implemented Kdragon’s blur implementation from A11 (Less aggressive with lossless quality)


  • Fix wrong tinting of statusbar icons
  • Add toggle to show VoLTE icon
  • Add toggle to show 4G icon instead of LTE
  • Add toggle for small network icon
  • Add toggle for roaming indicator
  • Add toggle to disable data disabled icon
  • Add toggle for combined signal icon
  • privacy: Added toggle to disable location/camera privacy indicators
  • Ability to show notification count
  • Ability to toggle between colored statusbar app icons
  • Fixup! Color coded battery indicator to remain green from 100% as it remained white until the battery percent went below 85%
  • Add ability to block more statusbar icons from statusbar items

Quick Settings

  • Ability to adjust panel opacity
  • Improvements to FPS info overlay


  • Make smartspace info to follow system fonts
  • Added support to show charging info
  • UDFPS: Added back icons/animation support
  • Added face unlock icon animation


  • Added Reticker and app colored reticker


  • Ability to set increasing ring volume
  • Custom ringtone vibration pattern
  • Ability to control In-Call vibrations
  • Per-app volume control
  • Add option to cycle through ringer modes


  • Redesigned volume panel
  • Bring in expandable volume panel
  • Ability to adjust notification sounds
  • Added volume percentage text
  • Added config to switch volume panel location


  • Add option for forcing full screen apps
  • Fix slow fingerprint response
  • Address various system wide NPE and fixups
  • Added support for legacy WFD display options
  • Whitelist permissions and add permissions for device configs
  • Fix speech service force close in google setup wizard (GApps build)
  • Add signature spoofing
  • Add ability to select vulkan renderer in dev options
  • Source side addition for Sepolicy denials, HAL updates, Bluetooth and Wifi improvements
  • More miscellaneous improvements and fixes in source side

Changelogs Device:

  • May security patch
  • Kernel Upstream to 4.9.316
  • Added fod animations, app lock, face unlock
  • Added Vanilla Build this time
  • Updated DPM, IMS, RIL & WFD system blobs From LA.QSSI.12.0.r1-07000-qssi.0
  • Updated GPS blobs & configs from pnx_sprout
  • Removed unused blobs in Vendor
  • SafetyNet pass without root as usual
  • More improvements & bug fixes!


  • Both builds available
  • Don’t report bugs without logs

Download Corvus OS vS3.0 | Official | Android 12L For Realme XT(Revenant)

Download : Link

Mirror : Gapps Build : Vanilla Build

How to install Corvus OS vS3.0 | Official | Android 12L on Realme XT(Revenant)

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything excpt internal storage and sd card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom
  • If u want to stay encrypted when flash Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.

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