Download CherishOS 4.0.5 – Official Android 13 For Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1


CherishOS 4.0.5 is a small project based on AOSP, and we plan to improve AOSP to provide a stable and better alternative to OEM ROMs with additional features. We’ve included only the right and most used things that will actually be useful at the end of the day, aiming to deliver smooth performance with better battery life. Today, we guide “Download and Install CherishOS 4.0.5 with Android 13 for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1.”

Whereas, if you think, why we need a custom ROM if we already have the manufacturer’s OS. However, there is always a specific lifeline support from the manufacturer and the latest Android upgrade rollout is delayed. Many people were excited to experience the latest Android version.
This guide helps you enhance your Android experience with CherishOS 4.0.5. We will share your complete guide with download link. Even, we mention the requirements and steps of the installation process.

Information of CherishOS 4.0.5

Android Version : 13

CherishOS Version : 4.0.5

Status : Stable

Devices : Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Updates : September-21-2022

CherishOS 4.0.5 – Official Android 13 For Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Changelogs Source:

  • Added support VoWIFI icons
  • Added cutout force full screen
  • Added option ripple effect on unlock
  • Added UDFPS icons and animations
  • Added FOD pressed colors
  • Added Custom(User Selected) UDFPS Icon
  • Added Custom LS Clock Support
  • Added refresh rate tile
  • Added Custom settings layout
  • Added Bluetooth Panel instead of full Settings
  • Added Mobile Data panel
  • Added reticker
  • Added navigation mode settings
  • Added ZCAM implementation with sRGB interface
  • Added support center and right position in Status bar Clock background chip
  • Added Integrate Google Lens into Screenshot UI
  • More slower & Gradual QS Fade-in/out animation in QS Tile
  • Made QS Ripple animation more prominent in QS Tile
  • Fixed the problem with some apps show not supported for this device
  • Fixed the problem with mobile data/wifi tile qs
  • Fixed QS expand lag when VoLTE/VoWiFi icons are enabled
  • Fixed pm cache directory invalidate on new builds
  • Fixed the hardware volume key not work after the screen off
  • Fixed shutter sound
  • Fixed can not read the storage in cherish recovery
  • ThemedIcons: Bring some more icons
  • Improved other systems

Changelogs Device:

Device CL :-

  • Synced with latest cherish source changes
  • Decrypted by default
  • audio: Use qcom implementation for sw effects
  • overlay: Allow more cached apps in the background
  • overlay: Compact cached app heaps in the background
  • rootdir: restart qcrild on data switch

overlay: Add night display color temperature calibration from coral

  • props: Added few props for performance
  • rootdir: Remove unsupported fstab flag
  • fstab: Switch zram swap to /data/per_boot
  • props: Use dex2oat64 on our device
  • CTS passed by default
  • Misc small improvements and bug fixes

Notes : –

  • SELinux Enforcing
  • OTA Support added
  • GApps are included
  • Based on 4.4 kernel , NON-FBE
  • Orfox R11.1/BRP/Twrp-3.6.1_9.0 recovery is recommended
  • Recommended Firmware : 063,087 and higher
  • Clean flash is necessary



Download CherishOS 4.0.5 – Official Android 13 For Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Download : Link

How to install CherishOS 4.0.5 – Official Android 13 on Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything except internal storage and SD card
  • Go to install and flash the downloaded Rom.
  • If u want to stay encrypted when flash, Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.