AstralUI Android 13

Download AstralUI Android 13 For Redmi K40/Mi 11x/Poco F3

AstralUI is based on Android 13 AOSP and includes all Pixel perks (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animations, etc.). Apart from maximum stability and security, we try to provide necessary and useful features for proper functioning of the device. Today we guide ” Download and Install AstralUI for Redmi K40/Mi 11x/Poco F3 with Android 13.

Whereas if you think why do we need a custom ROM if we already have the manufacturer’s OS. However, there is always a specific lifeline support from the manufacturer and the latest Android upgrade rollout is delayed. Many people were excited to experience the latest Android version.

Information of AstralUI Android 13

Android Version : 13

Custom ROM : AstralUI

Status : Stable

Devices : Redmi K40/Mi 11x/Poco F3

AstralUI Android 13 For Redmi K40/Mi 11x/ Poco F3

ROM Changelog:

  • added expandable volume bar
  • added refreshed settings ui
  • spoofed more apps as pixel
  • implemented repainted
  • added 3-finger swipe screenshot (search in settings)
  • enabled call status indication vibrations by default
  • implemented burn-in protection
  • added Bluetooth battery indicator for all devices
  • added notch bar killer
  • added more themed icons
  • make more system elements follow dark/light theme
  • added dt2s on lock screen
  • fixed some NPEs
  • sped up some unnecessary screenshot animations
  • added screenshot dismiss button
  • added package name to installed apps
  • added play store button to installed apps
  • protected sensitive info in “About phone”
    …and more!

DEVICE Changelog:

  • safetynets passes by default on unrooted
  • updated to latest n0kernel


  • Dynamic refresh rate works randomly and wrong


  • Clean flash if coming from another rom
  • Note that rom is still in beta, so please report bugs properly with logs, if there are any.


By @staticlib

  • @EmanuelCN0 for trees, kernel, help
  • All others who helped

Download AstralUI Android 13 For Redmi K40/Mi 11x/ Poco F3

Download : Link

How to install AstralUI Android 13 on Redmi K40/Mi 11x/Poco F3

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything excpt internal storage and sd card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom
  • If u want to stay encrypted flash Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.

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