Download ArrowOS I Android 12L For Realme 5/5s/5i/5NFC


ArrowOS is basically a complete ROM based entirely on AOSP, which includes Google Apps and all Pixel Mobiles (Launcher, Wallpapers, Icons, Fonts, Optimizations). ArrowOS 12.1 is finally extended to support some new devices, which include Realme 5/5s/5i/5NFC.

Today we are able to help you with this complete guide to download and install ArrowOS 12.1 for Realme 5/5s/5i/5NFC with Android 12L. This guide helps you beautify your android with ArrowOS. We will share your entire guide with a download link. We also consider the requirements and steps of the installation process.

Information of ArrowOS

Android Version : 12L

Status : Stable

Devices : Realme 5/5s/5i/5NFC

Build Date : 09-09-2022

ArrowOS I Android 12L For Realme 5/5s/5i/5NFC


Changelogs for build

  1. Add back support for NFC (report bug if u found any)
  2. Fix GPS accuracy and fix GNSS
  3. Fix GCam HDR+ Violet Photo issue completely
  4. Fix Aux Cameras in camera apps (Ultrawide,macro,etc.)
  5. Update and ADSP,DSP blobs From Realme Narzo20a (RMX2050)
  6. Update Thermal Service from Realme Narzo20a (RMX2050)
  7. Reorder Wifi and NFC configs
  8. Fix Eis In GCam video recording
  9. Drop Lineage Power, Trust and Live Display
  10. Address some ADSPRPCD Selinux denials
  11. Some GPS stuff

Credits –

Build By : @Takumi021

@ Bablus 🎄
@ Dody Irawan (kernel 🎄)


• 5i FP Fix
• Installation Guide Here
• Selinux – Enforcing
• Userdata – Encrypted
• 5s Camera/Aux has been fixed
• NFC support is added

Download ArrowOS I Android 12L For Realme 5/5s/5i/5NFC

Download : Link 1 : Link 2

How to install ArrowOS I Android 12L on Realme 5/5s/5i/5NFC

1. Download The recovery.img file provided in rom post.

2. Paste the recovery file in adb folder of your laptop/pc.

3. Hold Shift key and right click on mouse then select open powershell or command prompt here

4. Turn off your phone, then hold power+volume down buttons until fastboot mode opens up

5. Then connect phone to pc and type
./fastboot devices or fastboot devices and press enter

6. Then type
./fastboot flash recovery.img and press enter

7.Then using volume down key navigate to recovery mode In fastboot and press power button to go to recovery

8. Select apply update in recovery, u can use adb sideload or use sd card for flashing

9.ADB Sideload –
Copy rom zip In adb folder and copy file name of the rom zip , select adb option in recovery on phone and then on pc type
./adb sideload
SD CARD – If u want to flash file from sd card just select sd card and navigate to rom file and Install it

  1. Now go back and select format data option and format your device

Reboot finally