Download ArrowOS 12 – Unofficial | Android 12L for Oneplus 8T


ArrowOS 12 is an AOSP that is basically a complete workaround that was launched with the aim of keeping things simple, smooth and clean. At the end of the day, we introduced only the most suitable and commonly used items in an effort to be practical, with the aim of refining overall performance with superior battery life. Today, we guide you to “Download and Install ArrowOS 12 OnePlus 8T with Android 12″
Whereas, if you are wondering why we want a custom ROM if we already have a manufacturer’s OS. However, production and delays on the rollout of modern-day Android improvements can generally be a unique lifeline aid. Many people are excited to enjoy the latest Android version.
ArrowOS sooner or later extended support to a few new devices, including the OnePlus 8T. Today we can help you with this complete guide to download and configure ArrowOS for Android 12L Redmi Note 8. Download ArrowOs Android 12 for Oneplus 8T.
This guide lets you customize your Android with ArrowOS. We will provide your entire manual with a download link. We even outline the requirements and steps for the setup process.

Imformation of ArrowOS 12

Android Version : 12

Status : Stable

Updated: 02/08/22

ArrowOS 12 – Unofficial | Android 12L

Source Changelogs:

In This Link


By @jaat4u



• Only GApps variant is up
• SELinux status is permissive for now
• 48 MP sensor doesn’t work in OOSCam (needs source side commits)
• No other bugs as of yet

• I’d try to push a hotfix maybe today with enforcing & OOSCam fixed.

Download ArrowOS 12 – Unofficial | Android 12L for Oneplus 8T

Download : Link

How to install

How to install ArrowOS –unofficial | Android 12L for Oneplus 8T

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything except internal storage and SD card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom
  • If u want to stay encrypted when flash, Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.