Download Android 13 custom ROMs for OnePlus 5/5T and Moto G60/G40 Fusion


It didn’t take long for the development community to port Android 13 to older devices. Apart from starting the rollout of official updates to eligible Pixel smartphones earlier this week, Google also started uploading the Android 13 source code to AOSP. For some users on development-friendly devices, this means a quick update to the latest release is now possible – at least unofficially. That’s right, within two days of the launch of the latest iteration of Android, a few phones from OnePlus and Motorola already have unofficial ports of Android 13.

Modded AOSP 13 for the Motorola Moto G60 and Moto G40 Fusion

First up is a unified AOSP ROM for Motorola Moto G40 Fusion and Moto G60 (codename: hanoip) by XDA Senior Member Raghu Verma. Most functions seem to work as you’d expect, plus you can enjoy Pixel-specific stuff like launchers, wallpapers, icons, and fonts out of the box. SELinux is set as enforced and this build also passes SafetyNet, which is undoubtedly quite an achievement for a newly released custom ROM.

If you are interested in installing this Android 13 port on your Moto G60 or Moto G40 Fusion, check out the support thread for the release in the link below. Be sure to follow the installation instructions carefully as doing steps out of order can cause problems.

Download Android 13 Custom ROM for Motorola Moto G60 and Moto G40

Download : Link

Android 13 Custom ROM for the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T

An Android 13-based custom ROM is now available for the OnePlus 5 (codename: Cheeseburger) and 5T (codename: Dumpling), courtesy of XDA Senior Member Robert Gill. The big news here is that the vanilla AOSP ROM is based on a modular device tree that doesn’t interfere with the AOSP codebase. As a result, one can easily develop upgradeable AOSP builds for Device Duo with minimal effort.

The release seems to be pretty stable for the most part and it also comes with SELinux implemented. In the ROM’s support thread, unreliable mobile data is the only known bug listed. That’s not to say there aren’t other issues with the build, but in the developer’s experience, the ROM has no major bugs of note.

While we appreciate these efforts, unless you’re happy to tinker and know how to revert to factory firmware if things go south, we recommend installing them on your daily driver. do not If you’re looking for something like a stable LineageOS 20 for your phone, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

Download Android 13 Custom ROM for OnePlus 5/5T

Download : Link