Download Android 13 custom ROM for OnePlus & Motorola phones


There are a wide variety of custom ROMs out there these days. Soon after, Google released the Android 13 update for its Pixel phones. Owners of non-eligible OnePlus and Motorola smartphones can find and download Android 13 custom ROMs. However, custom ROMs will gradually be released for all phones.

Android 13 brings more Material U color schemes and ‘cinematic’ wallpapers, tap to transfer, opt-in notifications, QR code scanner, ‘panlingual’ per-app language settings for apps, battery measures, UWB support, Bluetooth Low-K Support for -Energy audio, home button assistant toggle and more.
Additionally, Google apps are not yet available for the latest Android 13 based custom ROMs. If you own a OnePlus or Motorola smartphone and make up your mind, you can find everything related to Android 13 custom ROMs here.

The following are the OnePlus smartphones that are eligible for Android 13 custom ROM:

DateDevicesCustom ROMDownload Link
August 22OnePlus 5AOSP 13Download now
August 22OnePlus 5TAOSP 13Download now
September 16OnePlus 6Evolution X 7.0Download now
September 16OnePlus 6TEvolution X 7.0Download now
September 17OnePlus 7TPixel ExperienceDownload now
September 17OnePlus 7 ProPixel ExperienceDownload now
September 17OnePlus 7T ProPixel ExperienceDownload now
September 18OnePlus 8Evolution X 7.0Download now
September 18OnePlus 8TEvolution X 7.0Download now
September 18OnePlus 8 ProEvolution X 7.0Download now
September 18OnePlus NordEvolution X 7.0Download now
DateDevicesCustom ROMDownload Link
September 14Motorola Moto Z3 PlayPixel ExperienceDownload now
September 12Motorola G60AOSP 13Download now
September 12Motorola G40AOSP 13Download now
September 18Motorola Moto X4Pixel ExperienceDownload now