Download and install DerpFest 12 | Android 12.1 Custom Rom For Redmi Note 7 Pro

DerpFest 12.1 v20 is a small project based on AOSP and we intend to improve AOSP to provide a stable and improved alternative to OEM ROMs with additional features. We’ve included only the right and most used items that will actually be useful at the end of the day, with the goal of providing smoother performance with better battery life. Today we guide you to download and install Derp Fest 12 forredmi note 7 pro with Android 12L.

But if you think we already have the manufacturer’s OS then why do we need custom ROM. However, manufacturing always has specific lifeline support and delays the latest Android upgrade rollout. Many people were excited to try the latest Android version.

DerpFest 12.1 v20 has finally added support for some new devices, including the redmi note 7 pro. Today we will help you with this complete guide to download and install DerpFest 12.1 v20 for redmi note 7 pro with Android 12L.

Imformation of DerpFest 12L | Android 12.1

Android Version : 12.1

Device : Redmi Note 7 Pro

Status : Stable

Updated: 22.06.22

DerpFest 12L | Android 12.1


c4c8061  SystemUI: Make popup menus more rounded  [Lucchetto]
862b2ce  Custom Clock Support  [pri0818]
f11c164  Misc changes  [minarypenguin]
9133197  Keyguard: Use Doubleline clock for small clock  [minarypenguin]
189cbe8  base: Add app downgrade, window ignore and qs transparency  [LibXZR]
2b78e9f  Introduce Custom settings layout  [pri0818]
b73fb99  VolumePanel: Design changes from Corvus  [Trishiraj]
4ad37bf  PixelPropsUtils: Add game props  [pri0818]

* packages/apps/DerpSpace
e8e83bb  DerpSpace: Custom Clock Support  [pri0818]
174126a  Settings dasboard customizations  [pri0818]

* packages/apps/Settings
5b4e1ea  Init New Settings UI  [spkal01]
2521d05  Tons of changes from corvus  [pri0818]

* packages/modules/Permission
b387dab  stop auto-granting location to system browsers  [Daniel Micay]
0e0b800  PermissionController: Bring in the new icon  [Asher Simonds]
4140b61  PermissionController: Redesign Permission grant dialog  [elluzion]

* vendor/derp
ccd29d8  Speed up  [pri0818]
511078e  Revert "config: Disable remote keyguard animation until it's fixed"  [LuK1337]


By: FireFly09

Download and install DerpFest 12L | Android 12.1 Custom Rom For Redmi Note 7 Pro

Download : Link

How to install install DerpFest 12L | Android 12.1 Custom Rom on Redmi Note 7 Pro

  • Download the Rom from the link above
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery
  • Wipe everything excpt internal storage and sd card
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom
  • If u want to stay encrypted when flash Disable DM verity.
  • Reboot and enjoy.

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