Download and Install Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy A53

From this post, you can download and install custom ROMs for your Galaxy A53 device. The recently released A53 created quite a buzz ever since its announcement, and now that it has made its way, it has justified all the hype surrounding it. Being able to provide all the essentials at an affordable cost to the public, its rise to fame was literally on the walls.

And we’re not just talking about general users, it’s been able to get the spotlight in custom development as well. Whether it’s to flash a custom recovery like TWRP or root the device via Magisk to gain administrative access, the possibilities are endless. Once connected, you will then be able to flash Magisk modules and Xposed Frameworks as well. But what about custom ROMs?

Well, at the time of writing, there aren’t many ROMs available for you to try. But don’t worry, there are plenty of generic system images lined up to become a permanent home on your device. From LineageOS to Pixel Experience, Havoc to SuperiorOS, the list goes on. So without further ado, let’s get started with this guide to download and install custom ROMs for your Galaxy A53.

Download and Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy A53

You may now grab hold of the desired GSI ROM for your device from below-

Official Android 12/12L ROMs

ROM NameDownload Link
Google GSIDownload
Corvus OSDownload
Ancient OSDownload

Unofficial Android 12/12L ROMs

ROM NameDownload Link
Miku UIDownload
Pixel ExperienceDownload
Superior OSDownload
Cherish OSDownload

Download GSI Flasher Tool

Next up, download the GSI Flasher Tool and extract it to any convenient location on your PC.

wnload: GSI Flasher Tool [Credits: XDA Senior Member azteria2000]

How to Install Custom Roms GSI ROM With TWRP

  1. From TWRP, go to Wipe > Format Data and type in YES in the space provided.
  2. Then hit the checkmark situated at the bottom right and wait for the wipe to complete.
  3. Once done, go to Advanced Wipe and select Dalvik, Cache, and Data partitions.
  4. Then perform a right swipe to wipe these partitions.
  5. After that, transfer the GSI ZIP file to your device using ADB Sideload, Mount, or OTG.
  6. Now go to Install, select the GSI ZIP file and perform a right swipe to flash it.
  7. Finally, go to Reboot and select System. Your device will now boot to the newly installed ROM.

So these were the steps to install Custom/GSI ROM on Samsung Galaxy A53. If you have any queries regarding the above steps, let us know in the comments. We will contact you with a solution as soon as possible.

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