Download Ancient OS | 12.1 Steel Android 12.1 (Snow) For OnePlus 8 Pro(instantnoodlep)


AncientROM is a custom ROM based on AOSP that aims to provide a unique user interface full of useful features for customization.

Quick settings can be accessed by pulling down the notification shade further. Most Android skins allow you to configure some basic quick settings including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data toggles, etc. Havoc-OS, on the other hand, can offer you a number of quick setting toggles, and even some features that weren’t there before. Your device, such as screen recording (which can be accessed from Quick Settings).

Information of Ancient OS

Android Version : 12.1

Status : Stable

Devices : OnePlus 8 Pro

Build date: 20/08/2022

Ancient OS | 12.1 Steel | OFFICIAL | Android 12.1 (Snow)


  • Selinux enforcing
  • Gapps included
  • Safetynet passes without root
  • Upstream kernel to 4.19.248
  • Base on oos fw –


Maintainer: @saurabh_parab

Download Ancient OS | 12.1 Steel Android 12.1 (Snow) For OnePlus 8 Pro

Download : Link

Flashing instructions:

Clean flash:

  1. Flash recovery
  2. Sideload rom from recovery
  3. Factory reset
  4. Reboot to system

For update/dirty:

  1. Sideload rom from recovery
  2. Reboot to system