AULA’s F87 Pro mechanical keyboard is compact yet mighty 

When you spend limitless hours in the front of a computer, each keystroke counts.

Whether you’re an avid gamer, programmer or writer, your keyboard is important; Enter the AULA F87 Pro mechanical keyboard, a device designed to improve your typing or gaming experience.

Let’s take a closer look at this mechanical keyboard, see how it works and who can benefit most from its capabilities.

Aula F87 Pro mechanical keyboard


Gasket structure design

The heart of the AULA F87 Pro mechanical keyboard is its sealed design, which ensures smooth feedback and comfortable dynamics.

Additionally, this 75% keyboard features a state-of-the-art internal design with sealed stands that is considered one of the most advanced on the market.

The five-layer padding design made of high-quality sound-absorbing cotton and air cushion ensures a virtually silent and pleasantly soft typing experience, ensuring a comfortable typing experience.

Compact Tenkeyless design

AULA F87 Pro features a keyless (TKL) design, meaning it has 87 buttons instead of the standard 104-button configuration. By eliminating the numeric keypad, the keyboard offers a more compact footprint.
injection molded keycaps in three vibrant colors give this TKL keyboard a touch of timeless style and elegance.

Its compact design includes not only function keys but also arrow keys that increase office productivity and ensure smooth gaming.

Wired and wireless modes

The AULA F87 Pro mechanical keyboard is a versatile keyboard, offering wired and wireless modes to suit different user preferences and situations.

If you choose wireless mode, you can connect via 2.4GHz or Bluetooth. Plus, thanks to the large 4000mAh battery and battery level indicator, you’ll always know when you need to charge it.

Music rhythm RGB keyboard backlighting

This RGB keyboard features 10 dynamic lighting effects that are synchronized with the beat of the music and pulsate in time with the beat.
also offers 15 customizable RGB lights with over 16.8 million color options via driver software.

RGB light strips on both sides of the backlit keyboard intensify the gaming atmosphere for an immersive experience.


The combination of seal design and five-layer padding construction ensures excellent keyboard performance. And with full replacement of keyboard shortcuts, customization is a breeze.
users reported that typing was comfortable and dynamic, with smooth responses.

The AULA F87 Pro mechanical keyboard combines comfort and tactile sensitivity, making it a pleasure to use over long periods of time, both at work and when playing.

That’s why RGB lighting is not only scenic but also improves the overall user experience.It gets you in the mood for gaming sessions or late-night work and can be adjusted to suit different preferences.

Who is the AULA F87 Pro Mechanical Keyboard for?

The AULA F87 Pro mechanical keyboard is aimed at a wide range of users.

, its compact design and exceptional performance make it a great choice for gamers who value responsiveness and desktop space.

programmers and editors will appreciate the smooth feedback and comfortable dynamics that the Seal structure provides.

The keyboard’s aesthetic appearance, complemented by customizable RGB backlighting, will delight any user looking to add personal style to their setup.

Advantage and Disadvantage


  • Compact tenkeyless design saves desk space.
  • Gasket structure design offers comfortable dynamics.
  • Dual-mode operation (wired and wireless) for versatility of use.
  • Hot-swappable, allowing easy switch changes.


  • The absence of a numeric pad might not suit everyone, especially those frequently working with numbers.

Final thoughts

Overall, the AULA F87 Pro stands out as a strong competitor in the mechanical keyboard industry. It features a user-focused device that is heavily focused on performance and comfort.

While the keyless design may be a problem for some, others may see it as their biggest advantage.

Ultimately, the AULA F87 Pro is an excellent choice, especially for gamers and anyone looking for a compact and powerful mechanical keyboard.

Offers impressive functionality without sacrificing style.Additionally, with its fantastic RGB lighting effects and affordable price, it is a great addition to your gaming setup or workspace.

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