Android 12L will arrive in the first half of 2022

Google first announced Android 12L in October, which promises optimizations and new features for devices with large screens. The first Developer Preview build already included a new two-column layout for areas of the system, a taskbar for large-screen devices, and much more. Google hasn’t been clear on a full timeline for Android 12L, but now we have more details about when you can expect the update on your device.

Google already confirmed that a beta release would arrive for Pixel devices in December of this year, followed by a final release sometime after February. According to Esper, Android 12L Beta 2 will arrive sometime in December, with finalized system behaviors and APIs (so app developers can make sure their apps work). The second beta will also be the first release to identify itself as API Level 32. The third and final Android 12L beta release is expected in February 2022, and a final release will arrive “before the end of Q1 2022.”

The specific dates for the beta releases are new, but it’s still unclear how many devices outside of Google’s own Pixel line will be able to participate. Lenovo has confirmed the beta will be available on its P12 Pro tablet, and while the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will definitely get Android 12L at some point, Samsung hasn’t revealed if beta releases will be available. Hopefully more devices will be added to the Beta roster because it would be great to test the update specifically for tablets and foldable on more than one tablet and at least one foldable.

If you want to learn about everything in Android 12L, check out our roundup of Android 12L changes and features. We also had a chat recently with Sameer Samat, the VP of Product Management for Android and the Google Play Store, about Android 12L and other topics.

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