Android 12 Update: Features, Roadmap, Release Date, and Eligible Devices

Are you excited for the next Android build which will be Android 12? If yes then here you will get Android 12 information available to date. It will give you an idea of what to expect and when to expect the Android 12 release.

Android 12 appears to be a big update with major UI changes after a long time. If you are expecting a lot from Android 12, then it won’t disappoint you, at least as per some early leaks. There are some useful features announced earlier but didn’t make it to Android 11, and it may finally land on Android phones with Android 12.

If you are using an Android phone and want to know about the next Android update, then this article is for you. Here you will know Android 12 features, Android 12 eligible devices, Android 12 release date, and Android 12 Official roadmap.

Android 12 Release Date

Google releases one major Android update every year which is then adopted by custom OS like One UI, OxygenOS, MIUI, ColorOS, etc. And like every year, this year Google is all set to release the Android 12.

If we talk about the past Android updates, then Google generally releases the first developer preview in February or March. The same we have seen in the last Android 11 update. And similarly, this time we can expect the Android 12 by the end of February 2021 or the starting of March 2021.

The developer preview generally schedules in three different releases before the release of public beta. And if we compare with last year’s Android 11 rollout, the Android 12 Public Beta may go live between May or June 2021. And later final stable release can take place in Q3 2021.

Let’s now dig the list of Android 12 eligible devices followed by Android 12 features.

Android 12 Eligible Devices

Android 12 developer preview will be available for Pixel phones at first, but then later other OEMs may also release Android 12 beta for their top flagship phones later this year. As you know most OEMs have their own custom OS and the Android update depends on their respective rollout schedules.

But if we talk about stock Android 12 which will be only available for Pixel phones. And here is the list of Pixel Phones that may get the Android 12 support this year.

  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 3a
  • Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 4
  • Pixel 4 XL
  • Pixel 4a
  • Pixel 4a 5G
  • Pixel 5

For other OEMs, we will be sharing the list of different articles focused on their respective custom OS just like we did for the Android 11 schedule. Let’s now move to the list of expected features.

Android 12 Features

As the Android 12 is not officially released, the official list of new features is not available to date. But as per some early leaks and Android documentation, here we will list the expected features that you should get in the Android 12 update.

As usual, the major update may pack a number of features, but these features will be released in various beta updates coming later this year. But most of the features will make it to the first Android 12 developer preview which can go live early at the end of this month.

Redesigned UI

Some of the Android 12 leaked images provide strong evidence that it will come with a new UI design. From the past few Android updates, the UI has been the same. But now after a long time, Android users will get to experience a new UI. It looks different from the stock UI and looks more like the combination of One UI and iOS.

Android 12 Features

The redesigned UI includes the theming system where your chosen accent color will also apply to some of the supported apps. Notification panel and Quick settings are cleaner and also Quick Settings toggles have been reduced.

Privacy Indicators

The feature was supposed to make its debut in the last update, but it was not released for some reason. And finally, it is going to be available in the next Android update which will be Android 12.

Android 12 Features

In Android 12 users will be notified of which services are being used in the background. The indicators will be shown in the notification panel. I guess we need to tap on these indicators to know more information like which app is using that service along with the Settings icon where you can directly change the privacy settings.

Change in Homescreen Widgets

Android already had the Widget features for many years. And last year Apple also introduced Widgets with iOS 14, but in some cases, it is better than Android. It looks like Google also decided to bring it to the next level with the next Android 12 update.

Android 12 Features

The Android 12 may come with new Conversation Widgets in which it will display information like missed calls, recent messages, and activity statuses. And you can manage it on the homescreen as per your preferences.

WiFi Password Sharing with Nearby Share

In Android, you can share WiFi passwords by sharing QR codes or letting them know the password. But with Android 12, sharing a WiFi password is even easier and secure. In Android 12, there will be an option to share the generated QR code with multiple users at once so that they can connect to the WiFi network easily.

Nearby share is a feature that is available for many Android phones, and it will now have more users in the Android 12. It makes the process easier as users don’t have to scan QR codes for connecting to WiFi.

Emojis and Fonts in Data Partition

Till Android 11 Emojis and Fonts are available in the System partition. It means if there is any update for Emojis and Fonts, then users have to wait for a full system update to enjoy new changes.

Removing it from System Partition and adding it to the data partition will ensure users get the new emojis and fonts much quickly on their phones without waiting for the big update.

Choose Default App Store

Android allows us to change default apps such as browser, music player, launcher, etc. But when it comes to installing apps, Play Store is the default service that can’t be changed. And with the next Android 12 update, we will have the option to change the default App store such as Galaxy Store.

So, these are some features that will be coming to Android phones with Android 12. Since the Android 12 is not released, the full list of features is not available yet. But as soon as Google adds new features, we will be updating all the new features here.

Android 12 Roadmap

Google keeps the rollout process simple as it needs to be followed every year for Android updates. And also, for Android 12, they can follow a similar rollout process which will include six betas before the final stable release of Android 12.

Beta previews will be available separately for developers and public beta testers. First, three Android 12 updates will be Developer Preview and the next three Android 12 updates will be available to everyone.

Here is the Android 11 roadmap which is more likely to be the same for Android 12.

Android 12 Roadmap

We will add more details after the release of Android 12.

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